once upon a time

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Hi! I'm Rachel and I'm the founder and chief creator at Jiminy Wickit!

I started creating candles in early 2019 as a therapeutic hobby after a long bout of illness and some trouble with anxiety. I soon found that it really did help me to feel a sense of calm as well as a good ol' dose of achievement.

I used to love buying scented candles but found myself getting increasingly disappointed when they failed to really fill a room with fragrance. Upon creating my own, I realised I preferred them to high-street offerings and really wanted to share them with as many people as possible. 

I want to create things that make people happy; cosy candles for Sunday evenings, scents that bring back the most lovely memories and beautiful gifts for beautiful souls. I want to create things that at least give a little sense of calm to whoever receives them and I really hope you enjoy my creations.